1. Aid and stimulate mental health professionals and clients in the development of new online technology and applications.

2. Educate mental health professionals and clients about existing online information and communication technologies and applications.

3. Explore and develop the use of computer assisted communication in the work of mental health.

4. Highlight endeavors by members consistent with the goals of the Society.

5. Provide online discussion forums and news concerning the work of mental health online.

6. Develop standards for online interactions between mental health professionals and consumers.

7. Help coordinate technological efforts amongst its members.

8. Work to stimulate grants and other funding for the development of information and communication, salve  systems and technologies specific to mental health online.

9. Promote the development of online databases of information, healing information and communication tools and software which are easily accessible to all mental health professionals and which will serve to advance the profession and discipline of online mental health and research.

10. Encourage other professional societies, associations and interest groups to allocate resources to the investigation, development and promulgation among mental health professionals of online resources and online technologies.